St Hugh trimmed

Community of St Hugh 

The desire to renew, transform and revitalise our Diocese of Lincoln is very strong. The task is urgent. It is quite clear that everything we do will only prosper if it is undergirded by prayer.

St Hugh is the Patron Saint of our Diocese of Lincoln, and was Bishop of Lincoln from his consecration in 1186 until his death in 1200. He worked tirelessly for the diocese and its people, spoke truth to power and resisted some of the powers of the state, lived and travelled within the diocese (quite unusual at the time), defended the local Jews from persecution and began the rebuilding of the cathedral in Gothic style after its damage by earthquake. He was made a saint after his death by Pope Honorius III in 1220, and is the patron saint of sick children, sick people, shoemakers and swans! Hugh is honoured in the Church of England and in the Episcopal Church (USA) on 17 November.

Hugh's example is at the heart of the creation of a fellowship of prayer across the diocese, announced in 2017 by Bishop Christopher, and called the Community of St Hugh, praying for the transformation of lives in
greater Lincolnshire.  A number of people from All Saints have joined this community. It invites us to pray regularly for the work of the church in Lincolnshire, to commit ourselves to a life of structured and discilined prayer and worship, to meet together and support other sisters and brothers who are members of the community and attend courses, events and celebrations. Members are invited to make and to offer to God a rule of life - a commitment to prayer, worship, study and action.

We hope that many from All Saints, regardless of background, might join this Community of Prayer.

If you'd like to know more, visit the community website by clicking here.

If you'd like to talk about what membership entails, speak to Fr Richard, to Jean Gledhill, to Andy Lewis or Sandy.

We shall hold periodic services and prayer events at All Saints for those involved and to promote the life of the community