All Saints as an extra 

We are a church that offers some extras for people who belong to other churches. Our worship, prayer, teaching and cultural activities are a bit different from what is on offer in most other churches. We are delighted if you want to join us and delighted if you prefer to be an active member of another church.

We aren't poaching from other churches - it is just that the range of activity, teaching, worship and discipleship-building that we can offer here is larger than some other churches can offer, and, because of our tradition, we offer very regular services based on the church calendar.


Quite a lot of people, who are loyal members of other churches, come along for certain things.

Many of the toddlers and their carers who come on Tuesdays to our Ducklings are from other parishes. That is fine. Many people who come for our monthly healing service go to other churches - they just like to be part of this very specific ministry at All Saints. Some of our musical services, and many of the weekday evening sung Eucharists we offer for feast days are not available in other churches, so people come to us. When we do big praise services, we get a lot of people from the area. Knowing we say Morning and Evening Prayer every day is handy for some people.
It is a bit like the question of which supermarket you use. It is perfectly OK to do you main shopping at Tesco, but pop into Morrisons for fish. Or Lidl for delicatessen. Some of our folk at All Saints go to things at other churches.
So look at what we offer, and if it adds in any way to the variety and richness of your religious experience and helps to bring you closer to Jesus Christ, come along. Check our calendar before you come - the programme changes slightly at certain seasons and in holidays.
Come and drink a little from the well at All Saints.

"those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty. The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life."  John 4.14